May 08, 2014

Watch the TRENDnet Corporate Video

TRENDnet's vision is to build innovative, easy to use, and reliable Networks People Trust™. TRENDnet solutions network the countless devices which enable your connected lifestyle and workplace. Building award winning networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet connects you with what you value most.

Founded in Torrance, California, TRENDnet has grown to become a leading global networking hardware brand. From the network core to the periphery, TRENDnet's expansive product portfolio includes Wireless, Wired, Surveillance, Connectivity, and Peripheral device categories. 

April 02, 2014

Industrial Workplace Demo of the Ceres 7000

The Ceres 7000 Time and Attendance System is a data logging device like no other.

With its industrial strengthened casing, this unit has been designed to function in the harshest environments and weather conditions.

Watch this video clip to see how the Ceres 7000 Time and Attendance System continues to function perfectly after being applied with grease, beaten with a hammer and splashed with muddy water.

February 27, 2014

5x5 Impact Test of Centor Data Logger

Five times a Centor Data Logger is dropped from a 5 Metre height... It continues to work perfectly!

Watch this video clip to see how the Centor Data Logger continues to function perfectly after being dropped from the height of a 2-story building.

February 14, 2014

CENTOR Guard Tour Data Logger

The new Centor Guard Tour Data Loggers available from Dueltek Distribution are Tough as Nails!

Watch this video to see a Centor Data Logger put to the ultimate test.


CLICK HERE to see the Dueltek range of Attendance Verification & Data Logging products

January 30, 2014

Genuine Clipsal 30 Series Mech Switches with Custom Printing

Light switches and power outlets with printed labels can be used in any room to quickly & easily find the correct button.
Now you can create your own unique identifying labels images customised to suit your home, school or office.
All Dueltek Custom Designed Wall Plates, including the 30 Series Mech switches are printed with eco-friendly, smudge resistant ink which will last for years.

These genuine Clipsal Mech Switches can be used in all 30 Series Mech style Gang Wall Plates.

CLICK HERE to see the full range of Genuine Clipsal 30 Series Mech Switches from Dueltek Distribution.

October 28, 2013

2013 Melbourne Cup

Dueltek Distribution will be closed on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of November for the 2013 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

We will re-open at 9am AEDT Wednesday November 5th 2013

Please send through and pending orders to prevent delivery delays during this period.

October 15, 2013

Custom Wall Plates

Dueltek can custom design any type of AV & Data wall plates in Australia.

Our most popular is the genuine Clipsal 2000 Wall Plate, but we can custom design any of the following brand plates: HPM, Legrand, Hager Blu & PDL. We can also take a simple piece of perspex and turn it into a professional finished AV wall panel.

Dueltek Wall plates can be fitted with any connector of your choice. These connectors and adaptor cables are all premium quality to ensure you always get the best signal and performance. 

Need more? Print identification labels, instructions and company logos onto your plate with our eco-friendly permanent ink.

September 30, 2013

High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cables

High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cables are available online at

For all your digital home theatre and 3D HDTV cabling solutions, visit our online store today.

Dueltek Distribution has been one of the leading wholesale stores for AV & IT Cables in Australia for over 27 years.

Dueltek has a standard range of HDMI leads, HDMI Wall Plates, plus a Long Length HDMI cables range which also carries Ethernet.

September 06, 2013

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are used to protect equipment & prevent data loss due to power failures.

With the instability of Victoria's power supply & the ever increasing price hikes, it is more important than ever to ensure your computers & data are protected.

A simple spike or surge in electricity can burn out a CPU's power supply in seconds, costing you countless hours of restoration and maintenance.

Each Powercom UPS System from Dueltek comes with a 3 year Warranty on the unit & its batteries.

Dueltek Distribution is an approved recommended supplier to the local, state & federal governments. 

July 16, 2013

The New Dueltek Website is Here!

Dueltek Distribution is proud to launch it's new website packed with new industry leading search capabilities.

Fully compatible with all types of PC's, mobile phones & tablets. We've built a website to suit modern purchasing managers & also made it easy to use if you're on the road.
The design & development has taken over 8 months to complete, but the result is simply amazing!

  • Safe & Secure Shopping - We use a GeoTrust powered payment gateway to ensure your privacy is always secure.
  • Simple Navigation - Our new designed index makes it faster & easier to search product categories than ever before.
  • 3 Clicks & you're there! - The intuitive search capabilities allow you to get from the homepage to your product quickly.